I was playing around with 3-D and came up with these.
I had my first all 3D exhibit at the Living Art Studio in Northampton MA in October 2012.
I showed my 3D and other fine art at the Palmer Public Library in Palmer, MA February and March of 2013.
I am excited to be back at Living Art Studio for another all 3D exhibit. Opening October 10th 2014 and running until December 10th 2014. I have 4 new pieces on display. I hope you'll get to see them in person.
I have 16 3D paintings and counting now, and the exhibit was a huge success. I want people to experience them in person, so they understand the concept of what I'm doing.
I only know of one or two other artists attempting 3D paintings online, but mostly there is photography or movies or done with a computer.
These are acrylic paintings on canvas.

A 3-D Acrylic Painting On Canvas!
I just had to try it and it works!

I was featured artist on the Coast To Coast AM website with my 3D Frankenstein's Monster painting!

Jumping Out Frankenstein's Monster Creature The Stage

Chair with Jackolantern Rhododendron Set In Stone Maine Port

Plate Spinners Rex Balcony

Hummingbirds Reflecting Hail Hail Satchmo

This one was for practice, an early experiment on how the 3D works.


Click Images Below To See Larger Photos
sadly, when I uploaded these, they lost some definition in color and sharpness, and there is some "ghosting" in the 3-D quality. These are very clear in my PC files. I don't know if that can be fixed.
coffeetime Kitchen Sink Fan Light

Fountain Snow Covered tree 3-D Hummingbird

First Bloom Flowering Branch Backyard Shrubs

White Tulip Lined Path 3 Tulips

3 Purple tulips Pink Roses Skyler Chillin'

Your Move Daffodils Azeleas and Daffodils

3-D Cafe Lighthouse Store Yard Lighthouses

These photos were taken by my friend Iain Watson. I thought they would lend themselves nicely to 3-D. I moved objects in each picture to make them work.

Click Here to Contact Iain Watson Photography!
Wood Steps 3-D Piers

I wanted a better feel of "Being There" from my vacation photos, so I took some in 3-D!
Some Sights From Universal Studios Orlando

Frankenstein's Monster The Creature Dinosaur Bones T-Rex Bones

Posiedon Waterfall Broken Rock Bridge A Fake Alley

Posiedon's Fury Jurassic Park Area Another View of the T-Rex
From Disney World Orlando

Cinderella's Castle Tigers Monkeyhouse

Some More 3-D Photos & Things Around the House

To see the stereogram, look at the two pictures, now put your finger up in front of you between them. Focus on your finger, and you should see a third picture between the other two, move your finger (obviously) and focus on that middle picture. You can also cross your eyes slightly till you see the middle picture line up, then focus it. It will be in very strong 3-D! COOL!

Stereogram Guitar

As I take a few reference photos of each thing, I took these great stereogram pictures completely by accident! How cool is that?!

Shady Retirement

Old trucks

An Old Tractor





Dirt Road


Bridge Of Flowers


I will update this page with my most current work.

Please feel free to contact me at the following e-mail address:

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